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How does the Apple data cable distinguish whether it is a fast charging cable or a normal cable?
How does the Apple data cable distinguish whether it is a fast charging cable or a normal cable?

At present, Apple iPhone8 and above series models support PD fast charge function. We only need to use PD charger + original or MFi certified USB-C to Lightning Apple PD fast charge data cable to fast charge the iPhone for 30 minutes Charge from 0 to 50% power.

1. So what is the difference between an Apple ordinary data cable and an Apple PD fast charging data cable?
Looking at the picture below, you will find the difference in appearance between the two. The end of the PD fast charging data cable connected to the charger is the type-c connector, while the ordinary data cable is the USB interface. In addition, the PD fast charge data line supports the PD fast charge protocol, while the normal charge data line does not support it.
2. Can the original data cable be charged quickly?
This depends on whether your original Apple data cable is a USB-C to Lightning data cable, or a normal charging data cable Apple data cable. If it is a USB-C to Lightning cable, then it is used with a PD charger to realize fast charging, of course, there is no problem at all; if it is the original line of normal charging, then there is no way to realize fast charging.

3. Does the fast charge have anything to do with the data line?
This is inevitable! First of all, the iPhone supports the PD fast charging protocol, so the charger and data cable you are equipped with must support the PD fast charging protocol, and one must not be less to achieve the effect of PD fast charging. Not only the iPhone, but when we choose a charging kit for a mobile phone, if we want to achieve a fast charging effect, we must first confirm the fast charging protocol or charging power supported by the mobile phone, and then buy the charger and the data cable that are in the seat. La.
There are already a few methods on how to distinguish whether the Apple data cable is a fast charging cable or a normal data cable. I hope to help you. If you have any suggestions, please leave us a message below. You also have some data cable problems. Can discuss together!

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