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How to protect the USB data transfer cable?
How to protect the USB data transfer cable?

How to protect the USB data transfer cable?

Hello, everyone! This is the editor. Today we talk about the USB data cable. As we all know, The degree of loss of data cables is pretty high. According to the market research report, users spend a large amount of expense on changing the USB data cables. Many consumers doubt how to expand the service life of USB data transfer cables. Then let us understand together.

I. To make the service life of data cables get an effective guarantee, you should take care of it when you use it.

Perhaps many consumers do not pay too much attention to the data line when it is plugged and pulled out, and even some consumers will remotely pull the data line so that it is disconnected from the charging head, but this is taboo for the USB data line. It may not be any effect in the short-term after pulling many times, but quantity breeds quality. The normal data line manufacturer used to indicate that forced pulling the data cable is the main factor of its damage. Therefore, when you unplug the data cable, don't be rude. Be gentle, and pay attention to the method of inserting and unplugging.

II. Avoiding getting close to the heat source objectives is a good protection method for USB data cable.

Nowadays, many high-level USB data cables can prevent the open flame in the market, but the surface material on most data cables is colloidal. If it is close to the heat source, it will cause thermal expansion and cold contraction. With the increase of the number of times, it may cause the fracture of the data line. Therefore, we should stay away from the heat source when we use the data cable.

III. Install the spring protection interface for the usb transfer cable.

This is the most popular way to protect the mobile data cable on the Internet. The method is pretty simple and almost free. Just take out the spring from the ballpoint pen that is run out, then pull it for longer and slowly loop the data cable, finally rotate and fix. But in the process, you should pay attention to scratch your hands. Installing the spring protection interface can prevent the data cable interface from damage caused by pulling from a certain degree.

The above three points are the techniques for protecting the data cable. More people tend to wind the transparent tape at the interface for its simpleness and convenience. In addition to the above three points, we can also wrap the tape at the interface of the data line. In this way, compared with the spring, it is not easy to get and needs another treatment. More people like to stick transparent tape at the interface, which is simple and convenient. What we should pay attention to is a note-worthy subject: the tape is easy to debond. Therefore, consumers need to change the tape frequently. Accordingly, the editor recommends using the tape used for wrapping water pipes, that's the raw material belt. Although wrapped a little like a mummy, it can keep for a long time and effectively protect our data lines.

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