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Regarding the mobile phone data cable, did you buy the right one?
Regarding the mobile phone data cable, did you buy the right one?

With the development of the times, in the current situation of one mobile phone or even multiple mobile phones, the mobile phone data cable has become a daily necessity. In addition to the data cable that comes with the box when buying the mobile phone, people will buy several data for the convenience of use. The cable is used as a spare, but the problem is coming. Do you know how to choose the mobile phone data cable when you buy it?
Next, let me introduce to you what you need to pay attention to when buying a mobile phone data cable:
First, when buying, you must carefully check the packaging. It is best to buy a data cable that clearly indicates the brand, company address, and manufacturer. At the same time, you must look at the "implementation standard". Although the data cable does not expire like food and medicine, choose the latest The "implementation standards" of the mobile phone are good for mobile phones, and knowing a clear company brand and manufacturer is also convenient for subsequent after-sales service.
Second, look at the fine workmanship of the data cable, and check whether the two ends of the charging port of the data cable have fine workmanship and a perfect fit with the outer skin.

Third, look at the outer skin of the data cable. The outer skin of the data cable is best made of TPE material (the data cable that comes with the package when purchasing the mobile phone is TPE material). TPE material is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving material because of its tensile and tensile properties. , The service life is longer than ordinary data cables, and the cost performance is higher.

Fourth, choose a data cable with "tinned copper" as the internal conductor. "Tinned copper" is to electroplate a layer of metal tin on the surface of the copper wire. This tin-plated copper wire is resistant to oxidation and can be used for a long time. It is not easy to age, the transmission current is relatively stable, and it will not cause damage to the mobile phone.

Fifth, the most important point is that when buying a data cable, ask the boss, "Is this data cable guaranteed?" Yes, the mobile phone data cable is guaranteed, and it can be as long as one year or as short as a few months. We will all try the data cable, but mobile phone charging is a time-consuming process after all, and no brand can guarantee that there is no problem with its products.

The "three guarantees policy" is the basic rights and interests enjoyed by our consumers. If the boss says "one year warranty", if the above four data line conditions are met, please rest assured to buy!

Well, how to buy a mobile phone data cable is introduced here. I hope I can help you when you buy it.

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