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Searching For Fast Charging Cable Manufacturer?
Searching For Fast Charging Cable Manufacturer?

Fast charging, is a kind of USB 3.1 Power Delivery, which can charge up to 100W devices. This means that you charge your phone 2-4 times faster, and getting 50% power in 30 minutes is not a problem. Fast charging cable is an important component of fast charging.


Fast charging is designed to help us spend less time charging. However, it is worth noting that your cable will affect the charging speed of the device. Therefore, even if you use the latest fast charger, you may not be able to charge at the fastest speed.


SHENZHEN SHOWBROAD (XIANBO) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is a professional data cable manufacturer from China. We focus on the development, production, sales and after-sales integrated services of data cables. We are the expert in the production of charging cables.


If you need a fast charging cable, first check that your device supports fast chargers (most devices do), and confirm that you have a charger that can provide a faster charging rate.


Generally speaking, most of the standard cables matching the equipment in the market are very slow for charging. You need to purchase the appropriate fast charging cable separately. Just shop at XIANBO, you can quickly choose the fast charging cable you are looking for, and enjoy the guaranteed quality products at competitive price.


XIANBO's data cables products line is rich, the products style is diverse, and the series is complete, we will provide the best charging solution for you.


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