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What categories of mobile phone data cable are?
What categories of mobile phone data cable are?

Mobile phone data cable is a kind of cable connecting cellphones with computers, with functions of both charging and data transmission. Initially, the models of the mobile phone data cables are complex. In that era, people have to change a data cable after buying a new mobile phone, which is pretty inconvenient.

At present, there are mainly three categories of mobile phone data cable, including micro usb data cable, USB type c data cable, Lighting apple data cable. Then I would like to introduce the features of these three kinds of data cables.

Apple Lighting data cable

First of all, ranking the first in the mobile phone industry, Apple corporation is always famous for the closed system, which is not exceptional for its data interface. The Lighting interface is exclusive use for Apple phones. It has these features as follows:

  1. Small-sized, both sides of the Lighting interface have eight contacts, and the function of each contact is defined by a digital chip, which greatly decreases the bottom space. Apple officially announces it will decrease by 80% volume.
  2. Both Sides Now are used, which takes convenience for people. The previous 30-pin interface is hard to recognize the pros and cons, and it will cause physical damage to the whole card slot if the direction is wrong when plugging into it.
  3. Easy to clean. There is a small groove with a low rad next to the contact of the lighting interface. At the same time, the application of new materials will make the interface keep tidy.

Android Micro-USB interface data cable

Micro-USB is a portable version of USB 2.0 standard, and its interface is smaller than MiniUSB's used for some cellphones. Micro-USB is the next generation specification of Mini-USB and is formulated by the USB-IF on 4th Jan. 2017. It possesses several strengthens as follows:

  1. Supporting hotplug, you can plug into it directly when using, with no need for turning your phone off, which takes convenience for users.
  2. The uniform standard specification. Micro-USB is the first uniform mobile phone data interface. With the Micro-USB, you won't abandon the previous data cable after you buy a new phone.
  3. With 10000 times plugging service life.

Type-C data cable

There are many advantages of type c data cable, then let me introduce them to you.

  1. Fast speed. Theoretically, the highest transmission speed of the Type-C USB port is 10Gb per second.
  2. All-rounder. The Type-C USB port of the new Macbook can transmit data, charge, and serve as the outer display equipment of the video output end port connection. The only doubt is that how Apple satisfies the users who would like to do the three things at the same time.
  3. Bidirectional. Unlike older USB ports, which can only transmit in one direction, Type-C USB ports are bidirectional, meaning they can possess two transmission modes at the same time.
  4. Downward Compatible, Type-C USB can be compatible with older USB standard interfaces, but the additional purchase of adapters is required to complete the compatibility.
  5. Ultrathin, thinner ports, that's one of the reasons Type-C USB is out there. The Type-C USB port is 0.83 cm by 0.26 cm, while the older USB port is 1.4 cm by 0.65 cm and looks dated.
  6. Like Apple's Lighting interface, the front and back of the Type-CUSB port are the same. So no matter how you insert it, it's going to be correct. Don't worry about the pros and cons of traditional USB ports.

It is believed that micro-USB data cable will gradually disappear in the future, and Type-C USB will be more and more popular with most people.







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