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What is the difference between a USB charging cable and a data cable?
What is the difference between a USB charging cable and a data cable?

I believe many friends will think that the mobile phone data cable and the USB charging cable are the same, there is no difference. The main misunderstanding is that the charging cables on the market basically have the function of data transmission, but the mobile phone data cable and the USB charging cable are actually still There is a big difference. So today I will sort out the essential differences between them.

First of all, for the mobile phones we often use now, the charging cables are basically two-in-one data cables with data transmission and charging functions, and some USB charging cables have only one function, that is, they can only be used for charging. . In fact, even though these two lines are exactly the same in appearance, there are still differences. Unless otherwise specified, the charging cables are universal.

In general, the most fundamental difference between the two is: the data line can both transmit data and charge; while the charging line can only charge, not data. If you have a cable that charges quickly but doesn't respond when plugged into the computer, don't blame the computer, it's mostly because you used a "charging cable" instead of a data cable.

The internal structure of the data line and the charging line is also different except for the first time.

Data line: There is a data transmission line inside the data line. Generally, there are 4 wires inside the data line, the red line is the VCC power line, the white line and the green line are the Data data transmission line, and the black line is the GND grounding line. Charging line: There is no data transmission line inside, only 2 power lines. Only with the Data line can the data transmission function be supported. Of course, this difference can only be seen if the cable is disassembled to see whether it is a data cable or a charging cable.

Therefore, the mobile phone data cable can be used as a USB charging cable (power cable), but the USB charging cable cannot be used as a data cable because it does not have the data transmission function.

So how can we accurately buy a data cable instead of a charging cable?

If you buy it in a physical store, you must ask clearly: Can you transfer data? It's best to try it on the spot. If you buy online, the easiest way is to ask the customer service directly. The customer service of a regular merchant will generally not fool the buyer with this kind of question. If you don’t want to ask customer service, you can read the product details. If there is no information about the "data transmission" function mentioned in the product description, even if there are three words "data cable" in the product name, it is mostly just a charging cable, not a data cable. After receiving the goods, remember to inspect the goods as soon as possible, and try to connect your mobile phone and computer to transfer data. If you can't connect successfully, you can find two more mobile phones and computers to try. After all, a mobile phone and the computer are not connected successfully, it may be a problem with the connection cable, or it may be a problem with the phone or the computer. But if you can't connect to multiple phones or computers, it must be a cable problem. Therefore, inspect the goods at the first time, and there is no time to return the goods if there are problems.

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