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Why should we use the original charger cable? And the principle of mobile phone charging
Why should we use the original charger cable? And the principle of mobile phone charging

There is little effect of original charger cable to a mobile phone but lots of non-original. The non-original charger cable will affect the service life of the mobile phone and its battery.

Non-original charger cable impact on mobile phone

  1. The impact on the battery: the current and voltage of the non-original cable is in a big scope, as a result of adapting various types of mobile phones, and belongs to the category of a universal charger. At a certain point, it will affect the mobile phone battery, may not charge full, and damage the battery electrode, which causes the battery to expand and affects its service life.
  2. The impact on the mobile phone: there are nominal output voltage and current on the type c charger and apple iphone charger. If the charger gets produced by a normal manufacturer, and nominal output voltage and current have corresponded with the actual, it will not affect the mobile phone charging. In contrast, the non-original charger cable will provide unstable charging for the cellphone, which causes auto power-off, auto reboot, automatic shut when calling, etc.
  3. Using a non-original charger may damage the battery: the output of chargers mostly are 5V and 1A. 5V represents the stable direct voltage that the charger can output. 1A refers to the output current. If using the non-original charger, the too small or too large current will damage the battery.
  4. It is best to use the original charger. If you have to use the non-original charger, please choose an adaptive current to use. But commonly, there is no requirement for the magnetic charging cable.

The conditions to achieve the quick charging

Nowadays, many intelligent phones all support the function of quick charging, such as usb c to lightning, etc. But have you ever thought about what the quick charging of a cellphone is relative to? The charger or the data cable?

To verify the problem, we only need to experiment. When charging, it's easy to find the answer after taking apart the charger and fast charging cable and changing them once. After the experiment, you will find that neither changing the charging cable nor the charger can complete the fast charging as a result of it is the combined action effect of the charging cable and charger head.

As a result of the requirement of matched charger and USB cable to realize quick charging, the circumstance happens. The principles of quick charging are three, including constant voltage and increasing current, constant current and increasing voltage, and increasing current and voltage. To reach one of them, we need to control the charger and the data cable.

I don't know if you notice that the allowed current and voltage are written on the charger and data cable. Generally speaking, the charger manages the voltage, and the data cable transfers the current. The two work together will control the voltage and current. If there is mismatching for your charger and data cable, the required current for the data cable can not get controlled from the angle of the voltage and vice versa.

The principle of cellphone charging

The domestic nominal voltage for civil use is 220V. The purpose of the mobile phone charger is to convert 220V high voltage pulse into 5V low voltage pulse and become 5V stable current through rectification and voltage stabilizing circuit. In other words, the mobile phone charger plays a role in converting high-voltage alternating current into low-voltage direct current.

Direct plugging the mobile phone charger into the adaptor can not generate any current. Only connecting with the mobile phone, the charger begins to work. The current is determined to the laden condition: only within its capacity, how much current the load needs, how much the charger will provide.

If the current required by the load exceeds the maximum current that the charger can provide, the charger will always output the maximum current. This is due to the charger inside always is designed to protect the circuit. Once the output current is too large, it will touch off the protective system, suspend the current output, and avoid the risk.


With the development of technology, smartphones are more and more popular with people. A good charger will be more conducive to the battery life of your cellphone. To realize quick charging and protect the mobile phone and its battery, you'd better use the original charger cable.


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