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Why You Should Only Use Your Own USB Data Cable?
Why You Should Only Use Your Own USB Data Cable?

The daily necessity of USB data cables and chargers is the USB data cable. It doesn't matter if you need to connect your phone to your music, transfer files to another device, or charge it. We don't hesitate to borrow a charger from a friend or relative if our phone is running low. This can be a trap for your phone. You don't know what the quality of their USB adapter and USB data cable is.

You may have purchased a cable at a store that does not sell genuine products, or a local store, and they could be selling you a "MG cable". Hackers can gain access to your data by plugging the cable into your device and transfer malicious payloads. They can send phishing messages to your screen, locking and even stealing data.

Fake USB cables and chargers are dangerous!

The basic operation of any cable has one purpose: to power your device. Your phone charger isn't just the cable. Other parts can also charge your phone without damaging the cable. It acts as a regulator. This tells your USB adapter when your phone has reached its maximum capacity and that it is no longer in need of power. You should also make sure to not overcharge your battery as this can reduce the device's life.

A dummy charger draws too much power for your device. While some chargers may indicate that your device is charging at the moment, it will not actually charge it after an hour. It is not actually sending power to your device.

This can put your battery, and possibly your device, at risk.

How can I avoid purchasing fake USB cables or chargers?

Take care of the original

An original charger can go a long distance. Keep it handy to be ready for an emergency.

Here are some tips to take care of your original charging cables.

Only unplug at the top

Make sure to use a surge protector

Keep it out of moisture

Compare exact results

Do not judge them based on their body and appearance. Fake ones look exactly the same as the real thing. They might have the same brand and certifications. It may not display all of the certifications that the real product has.

An important check

You should leave at least 9.5mm between the edge and the charger. You can check this by using any ball pen with a 9.5mm point. Make sure the pen is correctly inserted and that there are no heating problems. It can cause fire and damage.

If you have any questions about USB data cable, feel free to ask us.

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