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USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the standard for connecting all sorts of devices today. This article will discuss the various iterations of and types of USB, so you know what type of connection to expect with what devices.



This is the standard connector, found toward one side of pretty much every USB link. It's a rectangular connector that solitary fits in a single manner.

You'll discover a few USB-A ports on for all intents and purposes each personal computer and PC. Numerous TVs, game frameworks, vehicles, media players, and different gadgets have at least one, as well.

You will not discover links with USB-An on one or the flip side, as there's actually no circumstance in which this could be valuable. Indeed, interfacing two PCs with a USB-A link could harm them both.



This is an old connector that is rarely used today. It's practically square toward one side, and for the most part connects to a printer or comparable gadget.



This is the freshest USB standard. In contrast to more established links, which for the most part have USB-A toward one side and another sort on the other, USB-C can interface two gadgets that both have USB-C ports. Additionally not the same as the above kinds, it's reversible.

USB-C is gradually being received by gadget makers. Numerous fresher Android telephones, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel gadgets, use USB-C. Mac's freshest MacBook and MacBook Pro models just component USB-C ports, also.

On the off chance that you think about USB-C, you may have likewise caught wind of the Thunderbolt equipment interface. This is a standard that permits a USB-C port and link to move information at expedient rates, associate with high-goal shows, and perform different undertakings.

Only one out of every odd USB-C port backings Thunderbolt 3, however. For instance, Apple's most current MacBook Pro models include a few Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. In any case, the standard MacBook's single USB-C port needs Thunderbolt 3 help.

Due to this, USB-C is somewhat befuddling. The port can either be an essential USB port like the ones above, or it tends to be a multi-reason jack. This relies upon the gadget.


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